Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!
Learning How to Protect our Environment

Keeping our environment healthy is very important.
Did you know that California has more than 36 million people and everyday each of us throws away about 6lbs of trash? As you can imagine, this adds up to a lot of garbage! What items do you place in the trash everyday? Where do they go? Is there a way for you to make a difference?
Learn how you can help keep our earth healthy and green. Remember, trash isn't always garbage. Often items can be reused, reduced or recycled to help the environment.  By practicing the 3R's regularly, you are making a big difference!

Reducing - Reducing means cutting down on the amount of garbage or trash that is made.
The best way to reduce is to only buy items you really need. Check out our fun facts on reducing.

Reusing – Reuse means using something again rather than throwing it out. That usually means finding a new use, such as making a jelly jar into a drinking glass. Check out our fun facts on reuse.

Recycling - Recycling takes materials from items you have finished using and makes them into brand new products. For example, most aluminum cans are made with recycled aluminum. So if you drink juice from a can, recycle that can instead of throwing it in the trash. That can will then stay in the recycling loop.

You can REDUCE …